What Is A Jobber Length Drill Bit?

Before describing what a jobber length drill bit is, first, you need to know what a jobber is. A jobber refers to a drill bit’s length. Earlier, tool makers did not make loads of various styles like today. Instead, drill bits were very generic to fulfil a lot of purposes.

Specifically, jobber length drill bits are up to eight to fourteen times in length than their width. You can use various systems to measure it, but all of them become a similar length to its diameter. Also, jobber flutes are longer than the rest. Also, the flutes on jobber bits are much longer than the rest and run throughout the shaft. This extra length lets you use its fuel length for drilling.

In this article, we will be looking at the Jobber Length Drill Bit in detail; what material it contains, its types, when to use it, and so on. Let’s dive in.

What is a jobber length drill bit?

A jobber length drill bit is a twist bit that can be used for general purposes from where it gets its name “Jobber”. Note that if the drill bit’s length is ¼”, the length becomes 2¾ inches, 11 times its diameter.

What materials does it contain?

High-Speed Steel is the type of material they prefer for using drill bits. Since it promotes, wear resistance and a more significant red hardness. Such properties let you drill at more rigid materials and huger speed of operations.

Types of drill bits

Drill bits come in various types. Drill bits consist of drill blank, tap and combination drill, counter sink and combination drill, and wood bit. Others are hole saw dental or surgical drills, masonry drills, high helix drills etc.

Why is it called a Jobber Bit?

The drill bit is called a “jobber bit” because you can use it for various jobs. The reason why you call the bit jobber is because of its multi-purpose use. The word jobber came from somewhere. A jobber refers to a firm or person who buys from producers and sells the products to a retailer. There was much used from 1850 to 1950.

The drills are medium length and suitable for various jobs, bringing out the term ‘jobber-length. This shows the concept of terms like multi-purpose and general purpose. Jobber drill is the drift’s length itself.

When to use a jobber drill bit?

You can use a jobber drill bit in the following cases:

For drilling software materials like soft metal, composite, and wood, Jobber length drill bits are the most popular and the most common type of drill bits.

  • Soft metals: People and companies use soldering. They serve as coatings on transmissions, pumps, rotors, plungers, injectors, valves, cylinders, pistons, etc.
  • Composite: Composites are suitable for corrosive zones like water treatment, oil and gas factories, pulp, paper, and chemical processing plants. You can use it on rows, towers, and pipes.
  • Wood: is used in carpentry for making furniture, doors, roof trusses for construction, etc. Creating holes on wood often involves using drill bits, and that’s where the jobber drill bit comes in.

How to drill softwood with a jobber drill bit

Note that what you need to drill with a jobber drill is softwood. The tips below will help you drill on softwood using jobber drill bits, and they are below:

Select the proper drill bit

There are various types of drill bits, made for drilling different materials. Bits with pointed tip are more suitable for drilling through woods. But the twist jobber bits which are great all-around drill bits that are used for drilling softwood. These wood drill bit runs with a particular design that ensures you drill efficiently and effectively.

Pre-drilling and choosing RPM

There are no second chances for drilling the wood. Note that if you drill it the wrong way, you must close the hole simply again. If what you are drilling is with a hole that has excessive width, precisely the wood can split. When you are using screws, pie-drill it too. Select proper RPM. For softwood 1500 RPM is recommended. Hard wood requires less RPM, 750 to 900 RPM is enough.

Things to look for when choosing your next jobber drill bits

Before selecting the next jobber drill bits, you have to consider these:

Go for the proper drill point length:

Drill points have many lengths for drilling softwood. Shorter drills serve for a more significant level of precision and accuracy.

Cobalt Drill Bits vs. HSS:

A contention exists among the most substantial drill bits. A lot of people try to decide the one for a precise application. Nevertheless, considering the factors, note that each has a particular purpose since it can withstand cyclic loading and toughness.

Customized or ready-drill bits and know coating type:

The goal of customized or ready-made drill bits is to use the proper tools. You may have to go for custom devices in place of ready-made devices. Know the coating type you are using.

Popular manufacturer of Jobber Drill Bits

These are the famous manufacturers of jobber drill bits:


Makita is among the leading brands making related accessories and top-notch power tools.


Amazon Basics is a global firm for developing many product ranges that have top-quality products at affordable prices.


Bosch is another powerful tool brand with power drills. It makes drills that you can set up on its own.

Black Decker

If you are conversant with power tools, you may have heard something concerning Black Deck. It prepares the drill bit setting it up for the drill models.

Best Jobber Drill Bits

  1. COMOWARE Twist Drill Bit Set

Comoware twisted drill bits has black oxide coating, making is durable and suitable for metal, wood and plastic, general purpose, and jobber drill bits. It is simple to store and use. The brand is multi-functional with a 135° twist design & split point tip.

It comes with 10 pieces of drill bits with most popular size of the drill bits. You can also find the Black Gold bits which is 29 pieces. Both are capable of doing heavy duty work.

2. Norseman Drill Bits:

It has 240-UB with 135 Degree, Super Premium Jobber Drill Set.

Norseman drill bits have longevity, durability, money value, and accuracy. The gold oxide drill bits are made from premium High Speed Steel (HSS) Heavy Duty material. This 29 pieces of drill bits comes with a cutting angle of 135°.

Advantages of using Jobber drill bits

Jobber drill bits are suitable for any drill jobs. No matter if you drill a metal or a wood, these bits will withstand the do over. Here are the advantages of using Jobber drill bits.

  • It prevents breakage.
  • It has many sizes.
  • It is available in carbon steel and HHS.
  • It comes with various sharpening methods.

Jobber vs mechanics vs screw machine length Drill Bits: Which Drill Bits Should You Use?

  • Jobber drill bits: It is suitable for softwood. The length of jobbers is between 9-14 or 8-12 inches, depending on the person asked with the diameter. Three different sizes measure jobber bits which are 1/8 inch to 3¼, ¹/64 to 1 inch. So while drilling through woods you can choose jobber drill bits without any doubt.
  • Mechanics length drill bits: Mechanics length drill bits are suitable for hard materials drilling. These drill bits are stronger and rigid than other drill bits. The length of mechanics length drill bits are shorter too.
  • Screw machine length: The length of the screw machine length are ‘2- 3/16’, ‘2-⅛’, ’12-1/16′, and 1-15/16. These drill bits are also known as stub or stubby drills. Because of their shorter length they are used for drilling harder materials like metals, concrete blocks, and reinforcement share walls.

Does the length of drill bits matter?

Yes, the length of a drill bit does matter. If your jobber drill bit is not long enough, you will not move on. The jobber drill bit consists of rotating the bar as you move across a grinding wheel. This cuts flutes using the same way you cut helical gears. The size matters and should have the same size as the screw shaft.


Jobber drill bits can handle multiple jobs, hence the name jobber drill bits. They are very efficient for boring holes on softwood. However, they are not relevant for hardwood. These drill bits can be made of carbonate, cobalt, and HSS. This post gives you comprehensive information on what you need to know about jobber drill bits.

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