Ice Fishing With Drill Powered Auger (Your Queries Answered)

Do you ever wonder about ice fishing? You might have already heard about augers that can help you in Ice fishing. I have got you covered with all the information if you are curious about the drill-powered augers for ice fishing.

I will go through all the questions you may have regarding ice fishing with drill powered auger and try to answer them to the best of my capabilities. So, if ice fishing is something you are interested in, this is the place to be for you.

How to turn a drill into an ice auger?

While you may not know this, turning your drill into an ice auger is super simple. You will need an auger adapter, and that’s pretty much it. You can also make a personal auger adapter for your drills with different components.

Just make sure your drill is capable enough to handle the auger and it has the power to operate it without any problems. You can check out this video for further information.

How do you drill holes in ice fishing?

There are two ways to go about this. You can either use an auger or combine it with your drill to speed up the process and make it much easier. Or you can simply use a hand auger to get the job done.

You will need to get an auger attachment for the drill to use the drill. As for the hand auger, you can go through this video to learn how you can drill holes for ice fishing.

Do drill powered ice augers work?

Yes, drill-powered augers work great without any second thoughts. They speed up the process of drilling holes on ice. But you will need to get the proper drill for the purpose. Usually, an 18 to 20v drill is necessary for drilling through the ice using an auger attachment.

However, if the ice is very thick, then there is a chance that your drill motor will burn out at some point. So, before you go ahead with this, you have to consider the thickness of the ice.

Benefits of Drill Powered Augers

Now, if you are wondering whether drill-powered augers are beneficial or not, here’s the answer to that. Drill-powered augers can be extremely beneficial given the context. Below are the benefits that you can get from drill powered augers for ice fishing –

  • They are lighter than traditional gas or battery-powered augers.
  • You can easily use them without putting in too much effort.
  • They are much more affordable than other augers.
  • Drill-powered augers are very quick in operation.
  • You can have multiple uses for your drill aside from the auger application.
  • They are much quieter in use and easy to maintain as well.

Why brushless drill for ice auger?

When it’s about choosing a drill for an auger, you have to consider the fact of Brushed vs. Brushless drills.

Now, the thing with an ice auger is that it requires constant power, which you can’t get from a brushed drill. Because of the friction coming from the brush on those drills gives you less energy than a brushless one.

Also, brushless drills are much more efficient in operation than brushed drills. They provide superior torque and speed, which is a core necessity for drilling through ice. They are also comparatively smaller than brushed drills.

You will surely need to pick a brushless drill for the ice auger considering all these factors.

Ideal Ice Auger Shaft Speed

Usually, you will need to get a drill with 750-inch lbs of torque with an ice auger. It’s the bare minimum to get drilling on ice. Going for something around 1200-inch lbs works out the best.

Is a 6-inch hole big enough for ice fishing?

Well, a 6-inch hole is plenty of diameter for ice finishing. Unless you plan to catch fish larger than the 6-inch diameter, I would say it’s more than enough. You can easily catch some panfish with this hole.

What is the best size hole for ice fishing?

The best and most ideal size of hole you can go with is 8-inch. It’s the perfect diameter for ice fishing as it gives you room to pull out most of the fish. The reason it’s ideal is that it’s quite easy to drill an 8-inch hole.

So, if you put those two factors together, you have enough room for fishing and an easy drilling operation.

How long does it take to drill an ice fishing hole?

This depends on a variety of factors. The thickness of the ice, the drill you are using, the hole you want to drill, all of that. It can take seconds or even take half an hour to drill a hole. The speed, torque, and power will greatly impact the time you need to drill through the ice for a fishing hole.

On average, it can take somewhere around 10 to 20 minutes to drill an ideal hole for ice fishing.

How to drill a hole through thick ice with an ice auger bit?

Drilling through thick ice would require a powerful drill with a powerful auger bit attached to it. So, before anything else, get that down quickly, and then you can move on to the process.

  • The first step is to have a proper stance. Make sure you are standing with both your feet apart. It gives you the strength you need to stay balanced with a solid base.
  • Next, you have to lean towards the drill slightly, but don’t lean too much. Leaning a little bit will help you put pressure on the auger.
  • Then, start drilling a little by little, don’t go all the way with this because there is a high chance of slipping and messing up the drilling position. So, you have to take it slow and drill through the ice bit by bit.

And that’s pretty much it for drilling through thick ice with an auger bit. Go through this video to see the drilling experience with an ice auger.

Can I use an ice auger to drill post holes?

No, you can’t use an ice auger to drill the post. When you try to use an ice auger for drilling through the post, you can easily damage the auger. Because the ice auger isn’t meant for digging through dirt, it can only drill through the ice.

You can choose a post hole digger for this purpose as options are available for you. There are quite a lot of differences between an ice auger and vs. earth auger.


To sum it all up, you now get the idea of using an ice auger to drill through the ice for the fishing hole. Using a drill works out great overhand auger because it speeds up the process and requires less effect.

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