How Does A Self Centering Drill Bit Work?

Interested in getting perfect drill holes every time? Self-centering drill bits help you get precise and aligned holes in different types of surfaces. This tool allows you to drill holes more quickly while maintaining an appropriate depth. Wondering how does a self-centering drill bit work?

A self-centering drill bit features a tapered nose to be positioned automatically in the middle point after placing it in a countersink hole. This allows them to maintain the proper depth and alignment for each hole. 

Compared to other drill bits, self-centered drill bits are effortless to use. At first, you need to place the last part of the tapered drillin a countersink hole and start drilling.

It is also known as Vix bits. You don’t need to center the drill position manually since it has an automatic system. Plus, the bit has a precise timing on when to stop.

This allows you to maintain the ideal depth. After drilling the holes, it will be ready to insert the screws. Just place the screws and twist them carefully to ensure a secure connection.

Precisely Alignment

These Vix bits can ensure a perfect alignment for the surfaces that don’t have any holes. It goes smoothly without affecting the nearby areas where you are not drilling holes.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about going too deep while drilling a hole on a particular surface. It automatically stops when it is necessary.

Right Pressure

One of the key aspects of self-centering drill bits is maintaining the right amount of pressure. After all, you don’t want to end up having different depths of holes.

Consistent pressure is crucial to maintain the right level of depth for all the holes. This makes your entire project more successful with minimal flaws.

What Is The Purpose Of A Self-Centering Drill Bit?

Some unique attributes of self-centering drilling bits make them suitable for various purposes. Here are key points that give you enough reasons to use them.

Stays In the Center Point

Self-centering drilling bits maintain the center point automatically without wandering or walking across the surface. This helps you to achieve a precise drilling performance.

 Saves Time and Efforts

Vix bits reduce your concern and guesswork. The preparation to set up the drill bit will be minimal too. You don’t have to worry about going out of track. Nothing will be misaligned.

Perfect for Mass Production

Do you regularly drill a huge lot of holes for bulky projects? Self-centering drilling bits can dramatically reduce your drilling times for all holes. This makes them cost-effective.

Versatile Materials

You can use Vix bits for various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, alloy steel, etc. They are not prone to break and become dull easily. Their fluted cutting edge makes the holes deeper.

Application Areas Of Self-Centering Drill Bit

Self-centering drill bits are suitable for various projects such as door hinges, closet slides, kickboards, drawer slides, handles, and many other similar projects.

For instance, professionals use them for door hinges. The reason is that they allow the screws to be precisely aligned with the door surface.

Moreover, the bits won’t go too deep and damage the door panel. This helps the door to maintain a balanced physical structure, especially for the moving component.

Another common usage of Self-centering drill bits is drawer slides. Two small metal items are attached to both sides to maintain a perfect horizontal movement of an attached drawer.

Apart from ensuring a smooth slide of the draw, self-centering drill bits prevent the nails from getting inside the front and back of the slide of the cupboards.

How To Use A Self-Centering Drill Bit?

The functionality of Self-centering drill bits is similar to regular drill bits. Hence, you can use identical approaches to use them. Here are the steps to follow to use.

Step: 1) At first, set up the item you want to drill. Mark the area using a pencil you want to drill holes. For precisely drilling, keep the workpiece in its original location.

Step: 2) Make sure the workpiece doesn’t move while drilling. Your other hand might be enough to handle when working on small items. But clamps come in handy to secure the position firmly. It is more important when your one hand is not enough to handle the item.

Step: 3) Like other drill bits, place a self-centering drill bit on the handheld drill machine. The spring-loaded sheath has a tapered end.

Step: 4) Make sure to place it in the right place to maintain a firm and secure connection. This will help you drill holes in a precise centered manner. Don’t forget to drill in a vertical direction.

Step: 5) Now, turn on your drill machine and use consistent pressure on the Self-centering drill bit until it reaches your preferred depth. Don’t rush. Drill steadily.

It will give you more control over your drilling performance. Once the drilling task is complete, get off the drill bit from the drill machine.

Step: 6) When drilling too deep holes, consider stopping after drilling every ΒΌ. This will stop the materials from accumulating inside the holes.

 Plus, you can track the ideal depth of the holes. Keep following the same approach for drilling all the holes for your particular project. 

Popular Manufacturers of Self-Centering Drill Bits: Does It Matter?

Many manufacturers manufacture self-centering drill bits. Werkzeug, Qwork, Snappy, Gorchen, Bosch, etc., are the top popular brands in the market.

Most of them are made from high-speed steel or stainless steel. High-speed steel is a special kind of alloy steel, whereas stainless steel has impressive corrosion resistance properties.

All the self-centering drill bits manufactured by various manufacturers don’t have a similar grade quality. But they have decent quality.

Before choosing Vix bits from any brand, you want to consider its material, strength, toughness, rotation speed, operational temperature, etc. This will help you to get the best value.

Key Features of Ideal Self-Centering Drill Bits

The performance of drilling is often determined by a high-quality drill bit. Here are some important aspects of self-centering drill bits.


Self-centering drill bits are mainly made from tougher materials such as high-speed steels and cobalt blended alloys. This material can handle metallic or any high-strength surfaces efficiently.

Metal Coating

Vix bits have a special metal coating to ensure extra strength and toughness. Plus, they can resist chemicals and dissipate heat more effectively.

Rotation Speed

The accuracy of your drilling performance often depends on the rotational speed of the drill bit. Self-centering drill bits come with a flexible rotation speed to work easily on various surfaces such as softwood, hardwood, acrylic surface, etc.  

Operational Temperature

Self-centering drill bits can withstand higher temperatures. However, when it exceeds more than the limit, it will affect pressure and feed rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self Centering Drill Bits:

What are the basic differences between a self-centering drill bit and standard bits?

A standard bit is ideal for universal applications, which you can use for almost every basic job. In contrast, self-centering drill bits are perfect mainly for wood, metal, and plastic materials.

Is a Vix bit the same as a self-centering drill bit?

Yes, a Vix bit is the same as a self-centering drill bit. Both are used for the same purposes.

Final Thought

If you have not previously used self-centering drill bits, it is essential to know how a self-centering drill bit works. Knowing this Vix bit’s functionality allows you to use the tool on different surfaces. But choosing the right bit is vital if you don’t want to compromise quality and drilling performance. Precise drilling makes your job easier and more successful.

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