Do Left Hand Drill Bits Work?

There are a lot of people out there that think left hand drill bits don’t work. They say that the spiral is going the wrong way and that it will just spin the bit out. However, I have found that left hand drill bits do in fact work quite well.

The reason they work so well is because the spiral is actually going the opposite direction of what you would expect. This means that when you start drilling with a left hand bit, the drill will actually pull the bit into the material instead of pushing it away.

Is Left Handed Drill Bit Worthy To Buy?

There are a few reasons why someone might need or want to use a left handed drill bit. For example, if you’re drilling into something that’s already been started with a right handed bit, you’ll need to switch to a left handed bit so the new hole doesn’t come out crooked. Or, if you’re trying to avoid having the bit drift off course to the right, using a left handed bit will help keep it going straight.

Left handed drill bits are also great for getting into tight spaces where a regular drill bit just won’t fit. And because they cut in the opposite direction of regular bits, they can be helpful when removing stripped screws or other fasteners.

Best Left Hand Drill Bits

You can easily find left-hand drill bit sets. We recommend NEIKO 10037A Left-Hand Drill-Bit Set (an angled tip, a twist style, and a 135-degree split point)

Moreover, left-hand drill bits with screw extractors are also available. In this case, our suggestion is to go with NEIKO 01925A Screw-Extractor and Left-Hand Drill-Bit Set.

You can select any of these two options according to your use case and budget.

Why Would You Use a Left Handed Drill Bit?

The primary reason why left-handed drill bits are designed for use is to drill out broken screws/ bolts/ fasteners.

Which Way Do You Drill With a Left Handed Drill Bit?

It is important to remember that left-hand drill bits have counter-clockwise twists.


Left handed drill bits are designed for use in left handed drills, which rotate in the opposite direction of traditional drill bits. While left handed drill bits can be used in traditional drills, they will wear out faster and may not produce as clean of a hole.

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