[Reviewed 2023] 5 Best Hammer Drill For Tile Removal

When it comes to tile removal for redesigning the floor of washrooms, kitchens, or others, hammer drills come in handy. However, its hammering action needs to be compatible to let you drill in different types of floors. Also, you need to have a tile scraper attachment for simple tile removal.

Another important factor is considering it’s motor power to handle both regular and challenging tasks. After noting down all these essential aspects, I have finally chosen some best hammer drill for tile removal. Keep reading the article to find a reliable and valuable option.

Best Hammer Drill For Tile Removal Comparison Table

Model  Details Price
Bosch11255VSR • Speed-300 RPM
• Maximum Chuck Size-‎13 Millimeters
• Maximum Power-850 Watts
• Amperage-‎8 Amps
• impact energy 2.0 ft-lbs

• 3 modes-rotary hammer, hammer-only & rotation-only
• Tool-free bit change
• Rotating Brush Plate
• 35-degree pivot
• Integral clutch & dust protection
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BOSCH 11321EVS • Voltage ‎-120 Volts
• Speed-1300 RPM, 2900 BPM
• Maximum Chuck Size-‎13 Millimeters
• Maximum Power-‎850 Watts
• Amperage-13 Amps
• impact energy 6.1 ft-lbs

• 12 Position Variable Lock
• Bosch’s Auto Max speed dial
• overload protection
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ENEACRO ENRH3201 • Voltage ‎-120 Volts
• Speed-820 RPM, 4200 BPM
• Maximum Chuck Size-‎1.25 Inches
• Maximum Power-‎1500 Watts
• Torque-5.5 ft-lbs
• Amperage-13 Amps

• Anti-dust bottom structure
• Four different functions
• double layer anti-vibration system
• SDS-Plus chuck
• Complete package
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5 Best Hammer Drill For Tile Removal Reviews

Through deep research on the internet, i have found these top 8 choices that you can try out for your tile removal job. They are some of the best ones in terms of quality, but they differ in features and values. So, let’s take a look at them in-depth, and you will know which one is the perfect pick for you.

1. BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme

In the world of masonry, this bulldog xtreme rotary hammer drill can be your savior for tile removal tasks. This one never disappoints you, especially when you are looking to get that versatility out of the machine. Alongside that versatility, it offers you several other features and a good quality that you can always rely on.               

Modes of operation

Now, I call this one of the most versatile rotary hammer drills because of the three different modes of operation. This drill features 3 different modes of operation. You can switch from rotation-only mode to rotary hammer and only hammer mode option as well.

Anti-vibration system

No need to worry about the heavy rumbling vibration causing your hands to ache for hours with this hammer drill. It comes with an excellent vibration control system that ensures your comfort even after all-day use of the tool.

Ergonomic D handle design

It comes with a D handle design to ensure you get proper control while drilling with this tool. It’s very much helpful when you are trying to drill through something in a downward direction. Also, the general drilling operation is much more accurate thanks to the D handle design of the rotary hammer. 

Automatic bit locking and Vario lock positioning

Changing bits without any extra tool sounds convenient, right? That’s what you will be getting from this rotary hammer drill. It has an automatic bit locking system that makes changing the SDS bits so much easier. And with the vario lock positioning, you can get 36-bit positions on the chiseling angle through complete optimization.

Cord pivot

The cord that comes along with the rotary hammer drill has a 35-degree pivot added to it. This means whenever you are using the tool; you still get to experience that flexibility from it and work around it freely.

Included components

In this rotary hammer drill package, you get the tool, an auxiliary handle, a depth gauge, and a carrying case. Other than that, you will still need to get the drill bits and additional accessories separately.


  • The drill comes with decent power for tile removal work
  • Keyless chuck design provides great convenience 
  • 3-different modes make it a versatile choice for different functions
  • Comfortable to use for long hours with the D handle design
  • Material and components are top-notch in quality.  


  • There are few disappointments regarding the build quality the carry case.
  • The power tool and accessories do require some regular maintenance (e.g cleaning & lubricating). You have to take this pain if you want fast, effective drilling experience. Well, by doing that you are also ensuring longevity of your tool


While it’s not the cheapest or most budget pick-out, you get loads of it if you think of value. You can consider this as a value for money option. Bosch bulldog xtreme drill provides features and quality to satisfy you at a reasonable price. It’s undoubtedly worth the money.


In closing remarks, I can say that this is an excellent tool for hobbyists or DIYers who tend to do some heavy work. If you’re one of them and looking to remove some tile and thinset, this is the tool to get the job done. With the ease of control and versatility factor, I would say beginner DIYers will enjoy using the tool.

2. BOSCH 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

When it comes to removing tiles in the quickest time, demolition hammers work the best in that case. This one comes with extreme power and gets through the tiles instantly. You can easily remove the tiles of your project within the shortest possible time. And it has even more to offer alongside that demolishing power.

Variable speed dial

One of the key features you notice with this machine is its variable speed dial. You can switch between different speeds to control how much impact it will have on the tiles you are trying to remove. This gives you better control and maximum precision in working through the tile removal.

Auxiliary handle

For long hours of use, you can rely on the auxiliary handle of this tile removal tool. It provides you with a comfortable handle that has a padded rear. It helps in getting greater user comfort for long hours of use. It also has a 360-degree rotating function that can help you work around the hammer.

Automatic bit locking and Vario lock positioning

The demolition hammer also provides a very effective auto bit locking system. You won’t have to worry about having a tool to change the bits of the tool. Also, the vario lock positioning provides 12 different positions to get the best hammering angles for your projects.

Included Components

The package of this tool includes the demolition hammer, an additional handle, and a strong carrying case. You will need to get the bits and other necessary accessories separately as per your needs.


  • A powerful motor gives it the effectiveness in removing tiles
  • Functions very quickly in the tile removal process
  • With the auxiliary handle, you can work for hours without any aches
  • You get excellent control over the projects with the variable speed trigger
  • The automatic bit locking feature makes it a very convenient choice


  • This tool has got too much power to handle. Therefore, if you have smaller projects on your hand then you may want to avoid the tool and move towards something like BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme
  • It might feel a bit expensive for some people out there. However, it’s worth the price for those who need power in their drill for heavy duty tasks (e.g stubborn tile removal)


This demolition hammer is by no means cheap. It’s pretty expensive if you consider this to be a general choice. If you are to use the demolition hammer once or twice, I don’t think this will be a wise decision to go for it. But it’s great tool for professional or regular use and soon you’ll thank yourself for the great investment


The demolition hammer is a perfect pick for the professionals who happen to work a lot in hard tile removal jobs. You will be amazed at how effortlessly this demo hammer can demolish tiles. This certainly gives you some idea about how much power and speed it possesses. Indeed, this is the worst nightmare for your tiles. For decades I didn’t buy a demo hammer by thinking about the cost. I just hope you don’t make the same mistake like me (save your valuable time/labor)

3. BOSCH 11321EVS Demolition Hammer

Here’s another demolition hammer that I found in my research to be worth mentioning in this list. The multi-use application of this hammer drill makes it a pretty unique option to try out. Alongside that, you, of course, get the excellent power capacity of the tool.

Auto Max speed dial

Unlike the other demolition hammer, this one has an auto max speed dial feature. This means that you are getting the maximum speed possible from this tool whenever you turn on the machine.

Vibration control

Worried about your hands aching after using the demolition hammer? Well, no need to worry about this one because it comes with proper vibration control. No more hands shaking and aching.

Ergonomic D handle design

To add to the comfort factor of this tool, it comes with a D handle design. The handle also offers a soft grip feature, so you don’t get too much trouble holding this one for hours.

Vario lock positioning

Getting the best chiseling angles becomes a breeze when you have this in your hands. It has vario to lock positioning that comes with fantastic work angles optimized to perfection.

Included Components

You also get the additional handle and a carry bag to store the demolition hammer with the base tool.


  • Provides some amazing power for getting your demolition work done.
  • D handle design makes it comfortable to use 
  • The vibration control system lets you use it for long hours
  • Comes with overload protection and a very smooth startup control
  • For better longevity, it has got high-quality components 


  • Expensive for beginners. But as a professional or someone who works a lot with the tool, you will get great value out of it.
  • Placement of the switch can feel a bit awkward at times. However, you can easily avoid this by being aware of the switch, and it’s not even a problem after several uses.


This is surely not a budget pick; however, it’s not the most expensive options on this list either. I would say it’s a very well-priced demolition hammer for the DIYers and some professionals as well. 


This can be a great option for a DIYer who mostly works with tile removal or masonry projects. It provides the speed and power required for those kinds of projects. This well performing reliable tool has ideal weight-power ratio as well. It’s also very suitable for professionals who need something for their lighter or medium-level projects.

4. DEWALT DCH133B 20V MAX XR Rotary Hammer Drill

Don’t want to spend too much money on a rotary hammer drill but still want quality? Then, I think you have got the perfect thing for your needs here. It’s a Dewalt 20V rotary hammer drill that provides you with good power and quality performance.  

Ergonomic D handle the design/ Auxiliary handle

This drill features both a D handle ergonomic design and an auxiliary handle. As a result, you can rely on this drill’s comfortability and ease of usage factor. Even as a beginner, you shouldn’t have any trouble working with this tool.

Dust extraction ready

Even though you don’t get a dust extractor packed up with this one, it’s still dust extraction ready. You can get the D25301D dust extractor to go alongside this rotary hammer drill for your needs.


The rotary hammer drill features a mechanical clutch. It helps in enhancing user control in any kind of bind-up situation. It also greatly helps in minimizing the reaction from sudden torque.

Included Components

This is a tool-only package where you don’t get anything except the tool. So, you will need to get the drill accessories separately, including the carrying case or bag as well.


  • Lightweight and compact enough to carry around  
  • Works great for DIY and hobby projects 
  • Offers great comfortability with the D handle and auxiliary handle
  • To get better convenience comes dust extraction ready
  • Reliability of the tool is pretty impressive.


  • Larger tile removal jobs aren’t the best with this drill. It’s perfectly suitable for DIYers and hobbyists as they don’t need too much power from the rotary hammer drill.
  • The battery slot may feel a bit too tight. But that’s a problem that you can easily get around after using the tool several times.


I think this is a greatly priced tool considering the performance and results in it provides in terms of pricing. It’s very much affordable for beginners or DIYers, and hobbyists. The results are also satisfying based on their needs.


In my opinion, this is one of the best tools DIYers can use for small-scale tile removal jobs. It has enough power to attend to that concern. At the same time, it’s cordless, so working around the tool is very convenient & you can even get your hands into tight spaces. Due to the fact that it is lightweight, your arms will hardly get any fatigue. And this is ideal if you’re thinking of doing some overhead work for extended period.

5. ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

The power within a budget sounds great to have in a tool, right? That’s what you will be getting from this one. I went through many options and found this to have amazing power and not cost too much either. Also, the drill is pretty compact to use quite freely.

Modes of operation

Alongside the power, one of the most impressive things about this drill is its 4 modes of operation. You can choose between 4 different functions where you get drill only option, hammer only option, hammer drill, and a chisel position adjustment feature. 

Anti-vibration system

The rotary hammer drill comes with an anti-vibration that you can rely on for getting the most out of the tool. You can use the drill for hours without causing any kind of fatigue to your arms.

Ergonomic D handles the design/ Auxiliary handle.

The drill comes with an ergonomic handle design alongside an auxiliary handle. So, you can expect to get good controllability on this drill. It makes using the tool much easier than you would expect.

Anti-dust bottom structure

The drill comes with an anti-dust bottom feature that enables the use life of the hammer drill to be extended. You can expect better longevity from the hammer drill because of this feature alone.  


It has a safety clutch design to protect your wrists from impact or damage whenever there is high torque involved. It’s just something you will admire a lot about this one.

Included Components

In most of the hammer drills or other tools, you miss out on the inclusion of accessories. But with this one, you get a whole package. It comes with the rotary hammer and SDS plus drill bits of different sizes, chisels, an auxiliary handle, a replaceable brush, a dustproof cap, and a carrying case.


  • Powerful enough to get you through most tile removal job
  • 4 different functional modes you can use for various projects
  • Included components in this make it a complete package 
  • An absolute value for money product for everyone
  • Sturdiness and durability are something to praise on this one.


The drill is just too powerful if you have to do some light duty tile removal. I wouldn’t say this is a drawback since you will mostly be doing mid to heavy-duty tile removal work anyways. For small scale tile removal, our recommendation is to go with BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Or DEWALT DCH133B (if you prefer cordless).


The hammer drill price is worth every penny; let’s just say that. It’s a complete setup with excellent quality and performance. So, the price you are paying for this is worth it. I will say you are grabing a powerful roto hammer at an economical price.


If you want a rotary hammer drill that you will use regularly, this is the perfect pick. Who will want to go through the hassle of renting and returning tools in the future? Doesn’t matter if you are a DIYer, hobbyist, or a professional; you will love the performance and experience of this tool for sure. For extensive tile demolition, it’s an ideal solution. It combines perfectly with Firecore FS18365 SDS Plus Tile Removal Chisel.

Hammer Drill Alternatives That Might Be More Effective Than You Think

1. Firecore FS18365 SDS Plus 3-In Wide Cranked Angled Bent Tile Removal Chisel

Are you thinking of getting a chisel to get the best results for removing tiles? Then, look no further than this one. In my research for finding the best chisels, this one has impressed me the most out of all. You can expect great quality and strength coming from the chisel.


Well, the first thing about this chisel is that it comes with an SDS plus shank. So, you can easily use this with any electric or cordless drills out there that have SDS plus chuck system. You can also pair it with a rotary hammer to get the most out of this tool.

Construction Material

The material of the whole chisel is alloy steel, and it’s not regular alloy steel either. The steel you get on this is special hardened ones that provide excellent strength. And the surface of the material has a special treatment that allows for superior material removal on a very large scale.


  • SDS plus shank makes it compatible with a lot of drills
  • Features high-quality chisel material.
  • Very easy to use for tile removal
  • It offers excellent strength and durability for light to medium projects
  • It’s a value for money tool for removing tiles


The durability can be a concern at times, depending on the project. Doesn’t work out the best for heavy-duty tile removal projects. We highly recommend a demo hammer for that purpose, BOSCH 11316EVS SDS-Max.


Straight up, the price is quite cheap. Almost everyone will relish they are getting a cost-effective way to remove tile because the quality is just that good. It satisfies with the perfect results in the process.


Well, if you have an SDS plus compatible impact drill or a rotary hammer, then look no further than this tile scraper. And if you don’t then our suggestion is to go with ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill. These two will make just about a perfect combination for your drilling application. As an addition to these tools, this chisel will make your tile removal work as smooth as butter. You won’t have any trouble using this one for removing the tiles of your home.

2. 6-in Wide Tile & THINSET REMOVAL BIT, Floor Scraper, SDS Max (6″ X 25″)

I had to dig a little deep to learn about this thinset removal bit for your tile removal projects. Tile removal isn’t just about the tiles; thinset is surely a part of it that you can’t ignore. And this is the perfect tool for that purpose, with a pretty wide blade at the end.


You can use this tool and any impact drill or hammer drill with SDS max compatibility. The shank they have used in this one is an SDS max shank. So, it’s compatible with drills that have that chuck type.

Construction material

The material of this thinset removal bit is tempered steel. This makes it so sturdy that you can rely on this one for any kind of tile removal and thinset removal job. And the best part is, it can come out of that unscathed.


  • The material quality is top-notch and provides good strength
  • Thinset and tile removal becomes much easier with this as an addition to your drill 
  • Easy to use and doesn’t require too much expertise
  • Reasonable pricing for almost everyone to use 
  • SDS max compatibility makes it a great choice for demolition hammers.


  • Only suitable for SDS max compatible tools. I mean, you will only get this bit if you have an SDS max drill in the first place, so it should work out just fine.
  • The nuts on the bit that hold the blade tend to get a bit loose. To remedy that, you can simply tighten the nuts after use or before every use.


The pricing of this tool is pretty good. It’s not overpriced, neither it a budget pick. You pay what you get with this one. It gets the job done effectively, and you don’t get any complaints. Sure, there are cheaper options, but they may not provide the same effective results as this.


Anyone looking for a complete tile removal solution will greatly benefit from this. Also, professionals who are looking to get a tile and thinset removal bit for their SDS max hammer drill can surely check this one out.

3. Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer

While researching the tile removal tools, I came across this interesting option that’s perfect for DIYers who have to do some light-duty tile removal work. You can use the tool for almost any kind of light tile removal work, and it’s very compact to use as well.

Design and construction

The most interesting factor about this hammer tool is its design. The tool is like a handgun that you can carry in your hands, making it very convenient. Also, it’s very lightweight in construction while keeping the durability intact with the alloyed steel barrel.

Chisel Attachments

There are 3 different chisel attachments that you get with this tool. It also has a tapered punch, a panel cutter, and a flat chisel option. Using the different chisels, you can expect to fulfill multiple purposes without any trouble at all.

Quick Change Chisel Retainer

Switching between the chisel attachments is also very easy. It doesn’t even take too much time to switch because of the quick-change retainer they use in it. It makes finishing your tile removal work faster than you would expect.

Diffused handle exhaust

With the help of the diffused handle exhaust in this tool, you can expect much more rear downforce coming from the tool. It helps in making the tool work even more effectively.


  • Convenience is key with this handy tool.
  • Compact and lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere
  • The chisel attachment serves a variety of purposes
  • You can easily switch between the chisels
  • Affordability of the tool is commendable 


  • Suitable for smaller projects. Well, you will only get this tool if you work with smaller tile removal projects anyways.
  • The trigger may get stuck at times. However, pressing it several times fixes the issue easily. Just make sure the tool is not turned on while you do so.


Considering the usability and functionality of this tool, I would say it comes at a great price. It’s very much affordable, and almost anyone with DIY projects or hobby projects can afford it for their smaller tile removal purposes.  


This is surely not a pick for the professionals unless they are just planning to try this or need to work on something very small. It is a perfect option for those who constantly work with smaller tile removal projects. Or even for someone who needs to fix the tile work on their home where the work is pretty light duty.

Talking about the product testing/research process

I love giving home improvement solutions and renovation ideas. During these 15 years as a contractor, I have also done my fair share of tile removal jobs.

Also, I have tested around half a dozen of the most popular hammer drills on the market for the sake of this article. Finally after doing an in-depth market research, I have picked the best hammer drills specifically designed for removing tiles.

Here, I have combined my experience, hours of research, and experiment with various hammer drills to round up the list of 5 of the best hammer drill for tile removal. Besides, i’ve added few alternate options such as tile removal chisel & floor scraper (my experience says they are highly effective).

Best Hammer Drill For Removing Tiles – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

When you are buying a tool for removing tiles, you will need to think about several things. The whole discussion includes the following things.

Factors to Pick the Best Hammer Drill for Removing Tiles

Choosing a well-suited hammer drill for tile removal is crucial to getting the best result. Here are the most important factors that you should not overlook.

  • Motor Type

A brushed motor is a more suitable option if you want to use a hammer drill only for tile removal projects. Brushless motors are a better choice for more heavy-duty tasks.

You can expect to have consistent performance from a brushed motor without overheating issues. Plus, this motor is good at quickly scraping tiles to save time.

  • Weight and Size

Tile-removing projects involve working in various hard-to-reach zones and corners. A compact and lightweight hammer drill comes in handy to operate the device even with one hand.

Try choosing a hammer drill with a weight range between 4 and 6 pounds. Providing a quick succession of concussive blows can add a positive impact.

  • Corded Or Cordless

Corded hammer drills are a better choice if you are more concerned with the power. They can provide continuous power to handle heavy-duty tasks.

In contrast, cordless hammer drills appear a more realistic choice where you don’t have the accessibility of the power. This especially comes in handy for on-site job locations.

  • Hammering Action

Hammer drills generally come in three modes: chiseling, drilling, and hammer drilling. You need to give more priority to the final mode apart from the other two options.

It needs to be compatible with the particular tiles you want to remove. If you want to work on a totally uncommon floor, make sure the machine can provide the reliable result you expect.

  • Motor Power

There is a significant difference exists between working on tiles removal and tough jobs like stone or concrete drilling. If you are going to work only chipping grout or dry mortar, a 3-amp hammer drill appears perfect. 

But a 5-amp hammer drill is a more practical choice if you want to work tougher materials. They can generate 600 to 1200 watts. However, considering its torque, voltage, and capacity is vital.

  • Scraping Accessories

One of the most important but overlooked features is getting a tile scraper attachment. It makes your tile removal projects more effortless.

Unfortunately, this attachment doesn’t come with the machine. You need to buy it separately. Make sure it has steel material and doesn’t prone to bending or chipping issues.

  • Handle Type

Comfort is a must regardless of the type of drill you choose. And the same goes for the hammer drill. Make sure the drill machine gives your hands a cozy grip.

Many professional experts recommend choosing the D-Ring handle because it is directly attached to the cable. Hence, the machine has a complete range of motion to comfy your wrist.

  • Variable Speed Settings

Speed control is a crucial factor for tiles removal. You may need to work on various types of floors that will require a different level of speed.

Tougher flooring options will need higher speed, whereas regular items like woods will be okay under average speed. This will ease your overall removing project.

Tile Removal Hammer Drill Maintenance Tips

Hammer drills don’t last a lifetime. But some maintenance tips come in handy to keep the machine in tip-top condition for a long time.

  • Regular Cleaning

Debris and dirt are the main culprits for the quality degradation of hammer drills. It is a good rule of thumb to clean the drill machine appropriately after completing the tile removal task. This will prevent dirt accumulation. The drill motor will remain in good condition.

  • No Excessive Pressure

Tile removing tasks are not as complex as other jobs. So, you don’t need to put excessive force on the floor surface. Otherwise, you may gradually see weary signs in some parts of the drill machine. This will cause an additional cost.

  • Application of Grease

A bit shank of the drill machine takes a lot of force during the course of the drilling session. It is a good practice to use some grease on the bit shank to keep it in good condition. You can use products like SDS drill bit grease or recommend products before adding a new bit.

  • Following Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each hammer drill machine comes with a manual instruction book. It contains many important points regarding how you should take care of your drilling machine.Following these guidelines is crucial to ensure smooth functioning and claim your warranty if anything happens.

  • Storing Carefully

Keeping your hammer drill in a safer place is necessary. You must ensure moisture and dust don’t come close to them. Otherwise, its performance will degrade over time. Their storing location should be well-ventilated and completely dry.

Some safety tools that you should wear while removing tiles

When you are removing tiles, you will need to think about the safety gears before anything else. Working on tile removal requires you to wear 3 safety gears at least.

First, you will need hand gloves since you will be using the tool directly. And they can easily get hurt while using a hammer drill or demolition drill.

Next up, you will need to have a respiratory mask or dust mask to protect yourself from all the dust produced in the process.

Also make sure you have Safety Earmuffs for ear protection as it can be very noisy at times.

Finally, and most importantly, you will need to wear eye protection to protect your eyes from all the tiles chipping and pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions While Shopping Best Hammer Drill For Tile Removal

Let’s get through some of the most common questions people have regarding tile removal tools –

What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Floor Tiles?

The fastest way to remove floor tiles is using a rotary hammer drill and chisel. This approach is pretty simple. You just need to place your chisel below the floor tiles and begin lifting the tiles. It takes less effort and minimal time to complete the entire removal task smoothly.

What size hammer drill do I need to remove tiles?

You will need to use a hammer drill with SDS plus or SDS max chuck size.

What Chisel Bit is required to remove tiles?

Usually, a chisel bit with SDS plus or SDS max shank will work fine. You can try out the 3-in Wide Machine Sharpened Tile & THINSET REMOVAL BIT, SDS Plus or the Firecore FS18365 SDS Plus 3-In Wide Cranked Angled Bent Tile Removal Chisel.

What size demolition hammer do I need for tile?

For removing floor tiles, you will need a demolition hammer drill with an SDS Max chuck size.

What AMP SDS hammer drill for tile removal?

You can try using an SDS hammer drill with 8 to 10 Amp power for removing tiles. However, going beyond that can be better if you work on a heavy-duty project.

Is tile dust harmful?

Yes, tile dust can be harmful, considering it can cause diseases like asthma, pneumoconiosis, and chronic bronchitis. They can also cause kidney diseases and lung cancer if inhaled too much. Therefore you should wear safety goggles & safety mask.

How to prepare for tile removal?

Before you proceed with the tile removal, make sure you are making the proper preparation for it. This includes the following things –

  • Protecting the floors from the dust and dust in the tile removal process.
  • Takedown all the art or any showpieces around the place.
  • Seal off the space where you will be removing the tiles so the dust doesn’t go out of the area. Also the shop vac can be an ideal solution in this scenario.
  • Be ready to deal with the noise caused in the process.
  • Make sure to wear all the protective gear.
  • You may also need to turn off the main water valve.

Is it possible to remove tiles without breaking them?

Yes, you can remove tiles without breaking them, but the process is very lengthy and takes a lot of effort. You will need to remove the tile grout and cut through the grout line at proper angles. You can use a putty knife to get that job done.


Now, summing everything up in one go, I can say all the choices I have in this list of best tile removal tool surely come with excellent quality. You can rely on them without any second thoughts at all.

How do you choose the best hammer drill for tile removal? Well, it’s simple, you go through the in-depth overviews and see which one meets your needs the best. Then, you consider your budget along with your project requirements. This will give you the best possible option that you can pick for your particular case.

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