5 Best Dremels For Wood Carving – Recommendations, Tips & FAQ

Whether you want to perform a heavy-duty job or explore your creativity, finding the right Dremel is quite a task.

If you are working with wood and its varieties like plywood, board, etc., you’d specifically need wood carving Dremel models. However, to get the best out of the machine, there are many factors to consider.

Some of the key characteristics are speed settings, power, accessories etc. But the quality of machine construction is equally important. We picked our selections based on these factors.

To help you find the best dremel for wood carving, our review is equipped with thorough analyses of our recommendations, answers to common questions, and a well-revised buying guide. So, let’s hop into it!

Comparison Table Of 5 Best Dremels For Wood Carving

Model Weight Power Source Voltage Price
Dremel Lite 7760 1.29 Pounds Cordless Electric 4 volts Check Price
Dremel 4300-5/40 1.18 Pounds Corded Electric 120 volts Check Price
GOXAWEE G4007 3.31 Pounds Corded Electric 110 volts Check Price
Dremel 3000-2/28 3.35 Pounds Corded Electric 120 volts Check Price
Dremel 8220-1/28 1.6 Pounds Cordless Electric 12 volts Check Price

Top Rated Dremels For Wood Carving Review

Only the finest options made this list. Below, we’ll go through their features to know which one is ideal for you.

1. Dremel Lite 7760 (Entry Level Dremel for Wood Carving)

While the brand offers quite many tools and kits for beginners, this is the best Dremel for wood carving amongst all. Its all-around specifications make it a complete package!

Flexible Action Tool

This flexible tool can be used for multiple purposes including wood crafting, handiwork, ornament engraving, vehicle polishing, etc. It can also be used for small house chores that you can assemble by yourself. Besides, it has ten useful accessories that go with most Dremel functions.

Ease of Use

To make wood carving easy for entry-level users, this kit has been designed most functionally. Although the number of Dremel accessories is small, they are compatible with different kinds of materials. Moreover, since it is not a corded rotary tool, it is easier to use.

Simple Charging Method

Its 4V Li-Ion battery can be recharged using a universal serial bus (USB) port. Therefore, the device becomes even more compatible with different charging outlets. There is also a LED signal that will alert you whenever the battery needs recharging.


A 360° grip of the component ensures that the user can regulate the rotary tool with maximum comfort. Since it is cordless and lightweight, you can easily carry it to places.


• 360° device grip ensures both control and support

• LED light signal alerts the user to recharge the battery

• Accessories are limited in number yet resourceful

• USB cable allows quick and easy recharging


• There are some inconsistencies with the battery

Will the Dremel 575 Right Angle Attachment fit into the lite?

Answer: Oh yes, the quick connect system makes it easy to attach the 575 to the Dremel rotary tool. Thanks to the coupling system, you’ll be able to rotate the right angle drill attachment and achieve a perfect grip.

Can you use the dremel ez544 ez lock wood cutting wheel with Dremel 7760 Lite?

Answer: To be honest, the Dremel 7760 Lite is not intended for cutting applications, therefore, it is better not to use the EZ544 EZ Lock Wheel with this model.

Will you need to assemble various parts and put it together?

Answer: Motor is complete. You should add bits depending on the task and it is quite easy insertion. 7760 lite only accepts 1/8” bit shafts. When the battery is down, keep on charging. Upon every charging, you are supposed to run the tool for 20 minutes.

Can you do wood carving?

Answer: Yes, you can carve wood with the 7760 unit. But one thing to keep in mind, the battery may run out while working as it is only 4 volts. Many prefer this tool over a corded.

How long will it take to fully charge the Dremel Lite?

Answer: It will take approximately 2 hours & 45 minutes to fully charge.


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly Dremel, this one is your best bet. Its ergonomic grip and versatile accessories make it quite easy to use. Although it’s not highly efficient, it is one of the best suited Dremel tools for starting.

2. Dremel 4300-5/40 (High Powered Dremel for Wood Carving)

We’re starting off our list with a classic, high-performance tool kit from Dremel. A strong and durable kit like this will allow you to make professional-level use of the tool for wood carving. All its inclusions are equally robust and designed to withstand straining.

Efficient Performance

The Dremel 4300-5/40 is intuitively designed to carry on heavy loads. For hefty chores, you need a tool that is sturdy yet practical. Because of its construction, this kit can function for long hours of strenuous tasks.

All-around Chuck

A multi-dimensional chuck is included in this kit. It makes sure that you can make use of all the Dremel attachments in the kit. As a result, these attachments also complement other accessories. It would be a wise idea to purchase the Dremel 225-01- Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment with this kit to allow you additional control and flexibility.

Presence of Pivot Light

Another interesting feature of this kit is that it comes with a pivot light. This light moves in a rotatory motion to brighten your wood carving work. Even the areas that are hard to access can be brightened up using it.

Dispensable Motor Brushes

While many of the rotary tool kits come with motor brushes, most of them are not replaceable. However, in this kit, you can easily exchange other brushes to carve wood when they wear out.

Convenient Activation

Both activating and controlling this tool is simple. There are separate switches to activate and deactivate the device. Besides, there is a speed dial system too.


• Pivot light ensures better observation of all areas

• Easy to activate and control

• Motor brushes can be interchanged when necessary

• Compatible with a flex shaft attachment


• It weighs more than other contemporary models

What Diamond Drill bits is the 4300 compatible with?

Answer: 662DR, 663DR and the 664DR, All three diamond drill bits are compatible with dremel 4300

Can you use Dremel 4300-5/40 with the ez lock attachments and accessories?

Answer: If you already have Dremel EZ402, EZ – Lock Mandrel, you will be able to use ez lock attachments and accessories.

Will I be able to make wood engraved signs with this? Also, does the plunge router accessory work with this model?

Answer: yes, you can. Just buy separate bits for wood engraving. Besides, Dremel 225-01 36″ Flex-Shaft Attachment is good to have when you’re into woodworking. Dremel 4300-5/40 is compatible with plunge router Accessory. Use the 335-01 Plunge Router with this


When a machine is labelled “high-performance,” its additional features tend to fall behind its build. However, this rotary tool kit not only has the high-class quality approval, but also comes with many extra benefits!

3. GOXAWEE G4007 (Dremel for Crafting and DIY Creations)

Next up, we have an innovative product from a different brand. Goxawee has outdone itself with this MultiPro rotary tool kit. Both professional and novice wood carving projects can be done using this versatile tool.

Great Number of Accessories

A total of 140 pieces of inclusions and accessories are included in this collection. There is a flexible shaft that ensures precision of woodworking, some high speed cutters for diamond bits (ceramic, mosaic, glass, etc.), and a cover that safeguards from frequent cuts.

Compact Construction

Every Dremel attachment along with the machine itself are quite compact and easily portable. With the help of a single hand, you can hold and control the device. Since it does not weigh much, it does not produce much operational sound either.


A competent chuck containing 3 jaws ensures the stability of the rotary tool. With the help of its grip, you can easily change accessories to carve wood when it is required.

Perfect for Crafting

Being perfect for DIY works is the highlight of this machine. Projects like grinding stones, carving wood, polishing wheels, fine detailing on different materials, etc. can be done using it.


Apart from its fine detail work, this machine has a great storage feature too. It comes in a strong casing that does not wear easily. Despite being robust, it is lightweight. Its placement and organization are relatively easy too.


• Additional carbon brush saves time and cost

• Suitable for different areas of work like cleaning, polishing, drilling, etc.

• The flex shaft and the keyless chuck increase the stability of the machine

• It has a convenient storage system


• Machine construction is comparatively less solid

Comparing to the Dremel brand, how good is this GOXAWEE rotary tool??

Answer: Compared to Dremel brand tools, it is not yet there. But if you look at the price and features, it’s a great tool to have for small projects.

Will this GOXAWEE G4007 accept a bigger bit?

Answer: It accepts accessories from 1/64” to 1/8” shank. So, our suggestion would be to not exceed 1/8 If you want to extend lifespan of your rotary tool.

Does it have any ball bearings?

Answer: No, this rotary tool doesn’t have any ball bearings.


If you’re interested in crafting, this might be the right choice for you. Except for its average construction, the other benefits it provides are quite impressive for carving wood.

4. Dremel 3000-2/28 (Variable Speed Rotary Tool)

A Dremel must have different speed settings to increase its efficacy as well as versatility. Since the speed ranges of Dremel Tool’s 3000-2/28 is so broad, it can perform different levels of chores.

Wide Selection

The brand sells several kits of different styles, some of which come with additional Dremel attachments. This makes the selection process easier for the customers. No matter what budget you have, you are bound to have a pick.

Variable Speeds

Variability in speeds is the key feature of this powerful Dremel tool. There are six different speed options ranging from 5,000 to 35,000 revolutions per minute. With these options, you can have more control over the device and its attachments.

Powerful Motor

To keep up with the different speeds it offers, this machine is naturally backed up by a powerful motor. This 1.2 ampere motor supplies optimum power throughout each and every speed.

EZ Twist Feature

Having the EZ twist feature is an added benefit of the 3000-2/28. Found only in Dremel machines, this feature allows you to detach the inclusions from the machine without the help of a wrench. As a result, a lot of time and effort is saved.

Advanced Ventilation System

Equipped with an advanced system of ventilation, this machine performs exceedingly better than most similar models. It is because, the air flow prevents it from heating up.


• Comes with the EZ twist nose cap

• Functions better due to proper ventilation

• 6 different speed options offer more control

• A powerful motor supplies equal power in every speed


• It does not include a flex shaft

Will you get the protective grinder cover with Dremel grinder?

Answer: Although this Dremel rotary tool does not come with a protective grinding cover, you can get the A550 Shield Rotary Attachment. This is a simple solution to take away dusts and debris so you can fully concentrate on the task at hand. It can be used with any, right- or left-hand positions. Besides, it won’t even interfere with your favorite working tool

Is there an accessory to remove paint from wood?

Answer: In the 3000-2/28 kit, you can use the 407 mandrel, 408, 432, to remove paint from wood. Another option would be flapwheel accessories (numbers 502, 503, 504, and 505)

Does the 3000-1/24 come with a case or not?

Answer: 3000-1/24 comes with a hard case.

What are the RPMs for each speed?

Answer: You’ll find switch setting indicators marked with a line. Just slide to your preferred number.

You get speed range of 5,000 to 35,000 RPM with 6 variable speed. They are as follows: 5000 – 8000 rpm, 9000 – 15000 rpm, 16000 – 21000 rpm, 22000 – 27000 rpm, 28000 – 32000 rpm.


One of the primary things required for wood carving is a variable speed rotary tool kit. With the perfect range of speed options, this machine will help you set your foot in a wider area of operation.

5. Dremel 8220-1/28 (Cordless Dremel for Wood Carving)

While there are many cordless designs in the market, Dremel’s 8220-1/28 is much more than that. Because of its convenient design and superior-quality included parts, wood carving will be super easy for you.

Well-Curated Kit

The entire kit is quite organized, designed to fit the requirements of wood carving. It includes the main rotary machine (cordless), 28 accessories, an additional attachment, a battery charger, and storage boxes for both the main tool and the accessories. Produced by Dremel Tools, all the accessories can function with most Dremel tools of the brand.


Other than the parts we just mentioned, there are some other noteworthy inclusions. For example, the EZ twist nose cap and the flex shaft. While this nose cap prevents the use of an additional wrench, some accessories might still need it. So, a small and useful wrench is also included.

Detachable Battery

The Li-Ion battery used in these Dremel models can be removed any time. Since it is easily replaceable, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of these Dremel rotary tools. Besides, it only takes about an hour time to be recharged. No matter what the speed option is, the battery performs in an optimum manner.

Ergonomic Structure

As a member of the cordless models, this machine is easier to control and work with. Moreover, its all-around grip will provide you with even better control. Even in narrow working spaces, you can work with comfort.


  • The EZ twist nose cap expands area of operation
  • Functions well even in narrow working areas
  • Detachable battery remains consistent in variable speed
  • The kit itself is organized well


  • Plastic storage case isn’t the most reliable

How to understand if the battery is running out and needs to be recharged?

Answer: If the battery is fully charged, there will be 3 lights on the battery indicator unit. If you see 2 lights, it means you have the 50% of the remaining charge.1 flashing light indicates the tool is going to be turned off very soon. If the battery is dead, there will be 3 side-to-side lights.

If the Battery Indicator light shows three flashing lights, can I continue using the tool?

Answer: If you see there are three flashing lights then it is too hot. You can’t continue like that, just remove the tool, shut it down and allow it to cool by itself. After that you can resume again.

Does this dremel 8220 tool come with a charging stand?

Answer: Yes, but you won’t be able to charge the battery in the tool. You’ll have to remove it from the tool itself. So the charging stand is only for the battery


Corded rotary tools can difficult to use without a charging outlet. With this particular machine, you can perform carving and polishing anywhere, without worrying about the presence of outlets!

Things to Consider Before Buying A Wood Carving Dremel

To get the best wood carving dremel, you must consider some things before purchasing. Here are the things you must not overlook.


When it comes to the power of a rotary machine, there are a few things related. The source of power and the voltage amount are two things you should check before getting your machine.

  • Power Source

Rotary tools have two sources of power – corded electric and cordless electric. Whether you should get corded models or cordless ones will completely depend on your preference and use.

Naturally, corded electric sources are more reliable and get transmit a greater amount of power to a wood carving tool.

If it is corded and want to use for an extended period of time, making the tool lighter will be a big help then. Flex shaft is a very good option to have then.

On the other hand, cordless electric sources are easily replaceable and such machines have more portability.

Since both the power outlets have their benefits and downsides, you should make a thorough comparison between corded and cordless Dremel, and then make your decision.

  • Voltage Amount

Irrespective of the source of power, the voltage amount is what determines the power of the Dremel. The more the voltage of the tool is, the more powerful it will be.

Subsequently, its battery performance will be influenced as well. Professionals especially require high voltage Dremels while beginners can make do with the low voltage ones.


Various accessories that come with a rotary tool are probably the highlights of every product. And not just these, every small inclusion plays a significant role in the function of the device.

For example, an led light in the battery notify whether it needs recharging or not. A nose cap makes accessory change quick and simple. Other than the common inclusions like Dremel wood carving bits, see if your kit has replaceable brushes, a flex shaft, a foot pedal, and grinding stones or not.

  • Number

Rotary tools usually come in the form of a collection, rather than a single wood carving tool. The number of accessories in Dremel rotary tools can range from as little as 10 to above 100. Having more Dremel accessories will give you the opportunity to be more creative.

  • Type

High quality Dremel accessories not only consist of carving attachments, but also include pieces required to clean, shape, and polish wood.

Necessary Dremel bits like diamond bits, cutting bits, wood carving bits, etc. should always be included in the kit.

An unconventional accessory kit can help perfect your craft more than you would expect. Pivot lights can help display nooks and crannies of your project, whereas sanding discs can furnish the end product.

Speed Variability

Nowadays, every Dremel comes as a variable speed rotary tool kit. Having variable speed ranges in a Dremel tool allows the user to have much more control on the end result. Besides, he/she can properly regulate the machine using the speed dial as well.

Not every work requires variable speed action. For fine detail work, you will require relatively less speed. It is because, it is difficult to be precise with high-speed devices.

Again, if you need to carve a lot of material within a short amount of time, you should increase the speed. It is the same if you want to create bigger dents or shapes. Moreover, some hard materials like glass, ceramics, etc. require more speed than others.

Ventilation Mechanism

Your rotary tool’s ventilation mechanism will determine how long it will function (among some other factors). This gives you an idea of the importance of this factor.

If your machine starts heating up frequently, its durability reduces. With time, it also loses its functionality. That’s why, it is important to have a separate cooling system that lets the air flow naturally. A built-in fan can work as well.

Some machines don’t even have a separate ventilation system. Those should be avoided without a thought. To expand the lifespan of your device and to make sure it performs well, a fully functioning ventilation system is a must.

Machine Stability

Since it’s a moving device, it is essential to maintain a rotary tool’s stability. If you do not keep it steady, you might ruin your work. Worst case scenario, you might even end up hurting yourself.

There are two primary kinds of accessories or tools that keep the rotary tool stable. The chuck jaw and the wrench.

  • Chuck Jaw

Chuck jaws are mainly three types – keyless, universal, and 3-jaw type. Like the name suggest, a keyless chuck jaw functions automatically without separate key activation. The 3-jaw type holds the device using three grips, and the universal type fits with most rotary tools.

  • Wrench

Wrenches are rarely included in the best Dremel kit as accessories. They are used to detach device inclusions in the Dremel rotary tool.

Other than these two, the flex shaft attachment and the nose cap help to maintain the device stability as well. The best Dremel tool is one that is most stable.

Storage Case

You must pay close attention to the storage case in which the kit comes. Not only does it protect the materials inside, it also maintains their quality for a long period. You should look for a sturdy yet light case. Make sure that it can resist moisture and other weather-caused damage.

Plastic cases are usually light but they do not hold a rotary tool very well. On the other hand, steel is too heavy. Aluminum is the best option. Try to avoid wooden cases as they get damaged easily.

Safety Measures

With such a device, safety is a major concern. The bits, high speed cutters, and stones that come as inclusions are all sharp objects. So, safety measures must be taken.

Make sure protective coverings are used to shield each one of them. A variable speed rotary tool kit is more dangerous than a regular one.

Another safety issue is the amount of dust produced by these machines, especially for those with dust allergies. Sometimes, separate dust collectors are provided with the machine to help keep the workspace clean.

Prerequisites/Precautions for Using this Type of Product

  • First of all, wood carving produces a lot of dust. Since dust is microscopic, covering your face with a mask won’t be enough. You will need a dust extraction attachment or a suitable dust collector in your workspace.
  • Using a chuck jaw or a wrench is imperative with rotary tools. These help you to keep the device in place. Refrain from directly contacting any moving particle.
  • If your machine is corded, unplug your device every time before changing any accessory. Even though there are many variable speed options, always keep the speed in a moderate range.
  • Since woodworking requires many considerations, you should learn about it beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What speed should I run my Dremel for wood carving?

Here, the speed depends on the type of wood and application method you’ll be using. The ideal range is between 5000-32,000 revolutions per minute.

2. Which Dremel bit is best for wood carving?

Many Dremel bits are suitable tools for wood carving. According to our research, the Dremel 561 bit is the most appropriate.

3. Can a Dremel cut plywood?

Yes, a Dremel can cut plywood. However, you will need specific bits and accessories to cut it properly. The cutting bit works fine if you slowly allow the machine to perform its job.

4. Can a Dremel be used as a scroll saw?

While a Dremel tool cannot completely replace a scroll saw, it can emulate some of its actions. To do this, you need to remove the collar of a Dremel tool and attach the router base. Make sure that you’ve also fit the cutting bit to make it work like a scroll saw.

5. How long does a full battery charge last?

No specific time stamp can be given here. The time is dependent on many factors like use, component, variable speed, method, etc. For example, the battery of a low-speed rotary tool will last longer than a high-speed one. An led light will help notify you.

Competitors That Didn’t Make It

While these Dremel accessories and machines provided tough competition to our best rotary tool picks, they could not make it to the final list. Here’s a summary on their key features and why we couldn’t include them.

  • Dremel 4000-6/50 High Performance Rotary Tool

This one has a fantastic variable speed range (5000-35000 RPM), a well-designed ventilation system, and a several useful accessories. But it had inconsistencies with its motor and accessories.

  • Dremel 4300-9/64 Versatile Rotary Tool Kit

With 64 accessories and a premium-quality kit assemble, this kit is definitely up the mark. Besides, it comes with a solid case. However, this rotary tool for wood carving is rather overpriced.

  • Dremel 4000-4/34 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

It comes with 4 different types of attachments and guides included with each one of them. Its construction quality is average.

  • Dremel 2500-01 Rotary Tool Multi-Vise, 3-in-1 Attachment with 360 Degree Stationary Vise

Featuring a three-in-one attachment system, this multipurpose rotary tool makes it really easy to carve wood. But it is difficult to manage and store.

  • Hi-Spec 121 Piece 160W 1.4A Corded Rotary Power Tool

You can easily replace the bits and attachments that come with this one. Its performance and efficiency is quite mediocre.

Final Verdict

After hours of research on the best Dremel for wood carving, we announce the Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit as our clear winner!

It performs efficiently with its high performance motor, has the most impressive specifications (pivot light, exchangeable motor brushes, etc.), and is easy to use.

This was our evaluations based on all aspects required in a Dremel. But you should choose your pick after exploring on your own. Every rotary tool has different features, so figure out which one suits your needs the most. Good luck!

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